Orgcäotic Shape

Tervist! I am Savvas,he/him
Orgcäotic Red Decorationa graphic designer
located in Tallinn, Estonia.

I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and I graduated with honours and distinction from the Graphic Arts and Multimedia department of Cyprus University of Technology in 2018.

Right after I finished my studies I was already responsible for the visual communication of significant companies, organisations and events, nationally and internationally. I took part in group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, physically and digitally, and I participated in many creative workshops and festivals. In 2021, I created Orgcäos Design Studio. I am highly interested in social design, activism in social communication and in how design can be used for inclusivity.

Orgcäotic Composition
Savvas profile photo Photo by Mike Meyer


  1. Logo & Symbol Design
  2. Branding & Identity Design
  3. Brand Guidelines, Architecture & Communications
  4. Print Design
  5. Poster Design
  6. Book & Editorial Design
  7. Packaging & Label Design
  8. Illustration
  9. Information Design and Data visualisation
  10. Environmental Graphics (signage, way finding)
  11. Digital Design
  12. Motion Graphics
  13. UI & UX design
  14. UI Design concepts
  15. Web Design

Orgcäos? What?

Orgcäos (awr-g-kah-ohs) is a singular and genderless noun. It is a mashup of the Portuguese word “òrgãos” and the Spanish “caos”. Òrgãos translates into "organs”; either the musical or the human ones. Organs are part of a well structured and functional system and their role is to serve a very specific purpose. Additionally, "caos” translates into "chaos"; the state of disorder and confusion. However, the core idea is the organised chaos. Chaos is unordered, confusing and uncertain, while organised chaos - even if it looks messy-, has a goal, it’s healthy and natural. The bees are orgcäotic. An orchestra is orgcäotic. The trees and the plants are orgcäotic. The atoms and the planets are orgcäotic. Nature is orgcäotic; so as the creative process. Of course, it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce orgcäos. It is all about a well structured experience and a visual with a certain direction.

Orgcäos Declaration

  1. Serve a purpose. Not always.
  2. Design for fun. Experiment. Abstraction is cool.
  3. Multitasking is not healthy.
  4. Design needs time. Can't deliver yesterday nor tomorrow.
  5. Is all about a unique experience. Only customised designs.
  6. Design based on client's needs and not client's taste.
  7. Nature is not perfect, so as orgcäos.
  8. Sustainability, zero waste, plant-based, reducing, reusing, repurposing; very important terms.
  9. No racism, no sexism, no hate speech. Political correctness. Is a safe place.
  10. Sexual orientation, gender and pronouns not taken for granted.